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Nathaniel dj

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456 Thamine Street, Digital Estate, Yangon 10630, Myanmar


Natanaele Di Cesario, known professionally as Nathaniel DJ, was born in Reggio Calabria (Italy) in 1971. He begins his career as a DJ in 1988, gaining experience to dive completely into the wonderful world of music.

In 1989 he meets P. Ammendola, known professionally as Paco Vj, with whom he will partner with the name Paco and Night working as resident Djs in some popular discotheque of the time, such as Capriccio and Phanteon, performing in several clubs and organized events, creating along with other djs the Djs Crew, school and agency for djs.

In 1993 together with Cosimo Pistocchi, Riccardo Vinci, Luigi Grandinetti, Amedeo Meloni, Ruggero Pegna, Mino on the mix (Mino Stella), Jo Stella, Mike Isabella (Domenico), Cristian Maglia, Claudio Talarico, William Trano, Ugo Floro, Maria Antonietta Grande, Luciano Procopio, Alberto Barbuto, Angela D’Amico... he works for what then became a reality for Centre-South of Italy, Radio CRT Network with which he had the opportunity to make a name for himself and play in different clubs such as Blob and Versus.

In the summer of 1994, thanks to Mino Stella, he arrives at the Tempio di Atlantide, one of the biggest discos in Italy and then to the Atmosfera Disco where he is immediately in tune with Kan dj, creating a real night’s show, so that in later years it became a succession of great nights. From winter Atmosfera to the legendary Kahlua and Etnica to summer, Nathaniel and Mr. Kan achieve great success also in many clubs and squares of Calabrian nightlife.

In 1996 together with some members of Radio CRT and Atmosfera Disco, they create RADIO VIRUS a very particular radio program; rapidity, humor, inventiveness and good music are the strengths of this program that has nothing to envy to the radio programs that run in this period in the national circuit. Inside it there was TELEMIXO where Nathaniel made listeners protagonists by mixing music with their words.

It is instead 1997, when his music is appreciated by national networks, first on RADIO 105 winning, together with Katia B. (professionally known as Wooka), the competition held by FA SPLASH hosted by the legendary Fabiana and curated by Max Baffa with the song Tribe of love in collaboration with Luxart, CiccioKa and Sergio Dub and later with the “disco live” on “Radio RTL 102,500”.

In 1998 through the agency Ma&S (Music art and show) in Milan he collaborates with Radio Deejay directly with Albertino, Fargetta, Prezioso, but especially with the man with three names: Dj Giuseppe or Luciano (real name), but best known in the studies of radio deejay as Jonathan, a real character, so being able to wind up nights in big clubs like Genux (Brescia).

It is the summer of 1999, when together with Alex Rispoli, popular dj from Rome, he makes contacts to work in Spain to work as a special guest in many discos on the Catalan coast, such as: “PACHA” Platja d’Aro (Girona) “MUSICAL DISC” “SKY” Calella (Barcelona) Colossos (Lloret de Mar), Scream (Valencia).

The need to improve the English language in 2000 makes Nathaniel land directly in the city master of music: London, where with L. Pesce known professionally as X-Luman he winds up some nights there too. After some years working at Atmosfera disco he continues to work with Paco vj, first at Jamaika in Sellia Marina (CZ) with two amazing summers and then at People disco where, thanks to the management of two adventurous characters as Rocco Cina and Paolo Picci and thanks to Nathaniel’s knowledge of the taste of Calabrian people, they make this place the most popular club of Calabria.

In the summer of 2011 with Xluman he works in big events organized with the participation of thousands of people, opening the nights with prominent artists such as Inna, Alexandra Stan, Lucenzo …

In this period Nathaniel dj decides to create a label, the Ndj Label Records, and two singles will be released this autumn.

His secret? Humility before honor.


Testimonials and Awards

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